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Custom Home Building
A home is more than just walls and rooms — it is where you live, relax, and grow. At Shillam Homes, we take custom home building to a whole new level. With our attention-to-detail and passion for home building, you will love your new home by the time we’re through.

New Construction

There is nothing more exciting than building your new home exactly as you want it, right down to the last detail. With Shillam Homes, you will see your dream home manifest into reality right before your eyes.

Spec Construction

Spec homes, or move-in-ready homes, are great for those that want to bypass the construction process. No matter your preference, Shillam Homes will help you find your home sweet home.


A remodel does wonders for your home’s ROI. We help homeowners with major remodels that totally transform their current spaces. Start your home remodel with Shillam Homes today.

Build Your Dream Today

Shillam Homes is an experienced contractor ready to help you build the dream home you deserve. From flooring and roofing, to countertops and appliances, we consider all of the details that make your house a home. We focus on high-quality materials that are long-lasting, well-made, and perfectly suited to your needs.

With Shillam Homes, you can count on superior communication. We know how stressful building a new home can be, which is why we are always here to support you from start to finish. Cultivating lasting relationships is one of the most important principles we hold at Shillam Homes.

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you build your dream.

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Does Your Dream Home Already Exist?

The best part about working with Shillam Homes is not just our expertise in new construction, but our experience in the Portland Real Estate market, too. There is a chance that your dream home may already exist. If it’s out there, we will find it! Click the link below to explore home buying with Shillam Homes.

Custom Homes
Why Shillam Homes?
Partnering with a contractor you trust is essential when it comes to home building and construction. Here are just some of the fantastic reasons why Shillam Homes is the perfect contractor for your needs:


Home building can be daunting, but we are here to help. Regardless of how many moving parts are involved in your new construction, Shillam Homes takes you through each stage of the process with confidence, attention-to-detail, and focus.

Real Connection

We treat our clients like family. At Shillam Homes, we understand that a home is more than just walls — it is where you grow, build a life, and thrive. We listen intently and make your concerns our concerns. For us, home building is always personal.

High-Quality Materials

Longevity is one of our primary focuses at Shillam Homes. We help you choose products and materials that are built to last. We pair great architecture with long-lasting design elements to ensure your new home exceeds your expectations for decades to come.